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Consulting Services - Our Clients

In addition to the products SSC has developed in house, we've been instrumental in bringing our client's products to market.  Below is a list of just some of the products we've participated in:

Meade Instruments Corporation



SSC has automated the astronomy world.  With Meade Telescopes, SSC has developed smart telescopes that are programmed to find and track tens of thousands of stars, planets, nebulae, and satellites.  Shown are the  LX200GPS telescope and AutoStar II controller.  The telescope contains a precision GPS and level allowing it to automatically locate itself and find all the objects in the heavens automatically.  The controller allows the user to easily select objects he/she wishes to view.  SSC developed virtually all the firmware and software for these products.


SSC designed and developed the hardware, firmware and software for FoneCam.  FoneCam is a camera that connects to an ordinary telephone line that can transmit images to a computer anywhere in the world.  The software is flexible so you can schedule pictures for time lapse and replay them as an animation or generate an .avi file from them. SSC designed the hardware, and implemented the firmware and software for the device. The software includes a Windows application, providing a complete, turnkey solution.

Phase Metrics

SSC developed the software to control the only commercially available Scanning Kerr Effect Microscope (SKEM).   The SKEM software controlled piezo-electric stages to scan recording heads and thin films in order to map the micro-magnetic domain patterns in the device.  SSC developed all the acquisition and analysis software to allow imaging and mapping of the domain patterns.


SSC developed the software for the first dynamic fly-height tester to measure in the sub micro-inch fly height regime.  The tester used a multi-wavelength interferometer approach to accurately measure flying heights down to contact.  SSC developed all of the motion control, acquisition and analysis software for the tester. 


SSC worked with Hutchinson Technologies and Phase Metrics to productize the Head Resonance Tester. This tester performs a modal analysis of the recording head while it is flying on the disk. It uses a laser interferometer to acquire the signal and custom hardware & software to analyze it. SSC redesigned and redeveloped the software to increase throughput and conform to the disk industry standards. 



SSC worked with Stratagene to enhance their Eagle Eye II product used for gel documentation and chemiluminescence analysis. SSC assisted Stratagene in developing a new image acquisition module which supported a variety of high performance scientific digital cameras including a -20C cooled camera.  



SSC has been involved in developing the software for MRW series products since their inception.  These testers measure the magneto-resistive response of a device while it is still on the wafer.  Exact motion control and positioning is required as well as efficient processing since there are tens of thousands of heads on a single wafer.  SSC developed the motion control, vision, and acquisition/analysis software for these products. 

Via Medical (now MetraCor Technologies)


SSC was instrumental in developing the control software as well as the low level firmware for the Via Blood Gas and Chemistry Monitor.  This device continuously draws, analyzes, and monitors the patient's blood in real-time.

Berkeley Process Controls, Inc.


SSC worked with Berkeley Process Controls to design and developed a completely new integrated development environment for their new generation multi-axis controllers.  The environment allows rapid development of complex motion control projects through an innovative "syntax free" programming language.  


HP, Cannon, Okidata, Lexmark, Genicom

If you've ever used any of the printers from leading manufacturers, you've probably used print drivers developed by SSC.  

Pacific Data Products


SSC worked with Pacific Data Products to develop new memory and font cartridges for the LaserJet series of printers from Hewlett-Packard.  In addition to font cartridges, SSC pioneered the work of putting logic into font cartridges.  This allowed the development of cartridges that could emulate a PostScript engine or other printers.

Page Technology Marketing, Inc.

SSC has been working with PageTech for many years developing innovative applications for document imaging and data merging.  SSC's intimate knowledge of the HP PCL printing language has allowed rapid development new print engine based applications.


Document Sciences Corporation 

SSC developed Visual C++/MFC applications for use in Document Sciences content management products for high-speed/high-volume printers. These applications were developed to Document Sciences specifications, using an interface similar to Windows Explorer.

Satellite Technologies Management, Inc.

SSC developed software and firmware to support facsimile, voice, and data transmissions over STM's proprietary satellite hardware.  SSC also implemented the INMARSAT protocol for STM's line of satellite products.

Tax Processing Software.

Tax Software

SSC was a pioneer in the automated tax processing software arena.  SSC developed complete tax processing software targeting the small to mid size accounting houses.  SSC was the first company in the United States to receive approval for filing personal returns electronically with the IRS with personal computers.

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