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John E. Hoot C.V.

John E. Hoot. is currently the Director of SSC Observatories. Previously, he was the founder and President of Software Systems Consulting for 34 years. He is an engineer specializing in embedded systems design, robotics, remote sensing instrumentation and signal processing hardware and software. He is a graduate of University of Michigan ('74) holding degrees in electrical and computer engineering. He holds over 15 patents in instrumentation and automation and is the author of numerous articles in periodicals and referred jounrals.

Among his accomplishments are the design and development of:
    Satellite and terrestrial radio and microwave telecommunications systems
    Financial Analysis Systems
    CCD Science Cameras
    Process Control Systems
    Motion Control Systems
    Biomedical Insturments
    IR Remote Sensing Instruments
    Astronimcal Instrumentation
His commercial astronomical instrument designs include the Meade Autostar, Lightswitch and StarLocked telescopes. He is the designer and builder of the Hoot-Vega Radio Telescope in Benson Arizona, and the lead systems integrator for LCRO and MWOBOT remote observatories.

He has been an active and avid astronomer for over 50 years. Currently he observers from SSC Observatories automated observatories. His research interests include astro-imaging, photometry, astrometry, spectroscopy, radio astronomy, automated data collection and analysis. A popular lecturer and JPL Solar System Ambassador since 2001, he has presented at RTMC, IAPPP, AstroImage, MWI CUREA, TIE Workshops and at astronomy clubs throughout the southwest. His affiliations include IEEE, ASP, OCA, SAS, JPL SS Ambassadors and MWOA.

If you wish to schedule a presentation, please contact Mr. Hoot

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