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CUREA VM Distribution and Support

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The CUREA VM is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the licenses of the affected individual components.

Distribution of the VM
SSC Observatories distributes the CUREA VM. Anyone in possession of a copy is free to distribute or install unmodified copies on anyone's PC, provided the owner agrees to the terms of the licenses and terms of use of ALL of the packages and resources in the system.

Due to the 32 GB size of the VM, distrbution over the Internet is impractical. To obtain a copy, please mail a self addressed stamped envelope containing a 32GB SD flash card and a note indicating wheter you wish to receive The Curea Virtual Machine or The Curea Live System to the address below:
SSC Observatories
1303 S. Ola Vista
San Clemente, CA 92672
Upon receipt, we will burn the requested system image onto your SD card and return it to you in the self addressed stamped envelop.

Foriegn orders must have suffiecent US Postal stamps on the self addressed stamped envelop to ensure delivery to their country of origin.

DO NOT SEND USB THUMB DRIVES. They will not survive automated mail sorting equipment.

Upates and Patches

Periodically updates to the Curea VM will be released here. To update your system download the update TAR.GZ file and automatcially open it with file archive manager. Use the archive manager to unpack it into a directory of your choice in the VM. Next open a command line terminal navigate to the "Updates" directory using a command similar to:
cd ~/Updates
Once in the correct directory, enter the command:
A number commands will be automatically executed to update your VM. See the related release notes to see what changes and fixes are in the update.
Curea VM Update 1.2 7/9/2018
Release Notes For Curea VM Update 1.2

The Curea VM is a collection of open source and free software. For problems with a specific package, contact the author or group supporting that package. When the problem is resolved by the supporting organization or individual, notify us of the availabilty of the updated program and we will include it in the next Curea VM release. There are only a few SSC authored components in the VM, the largest being "Large Ensemble Photometry". For components supplied by SSC. Email problem reports to the observatory email address.

SSC Observatories Offices:
1303 S. Ola Vista
San Clemente, CA 92682
Email: observatory <at>

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