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Software Systems Consulting has exited the weather information reception business. With the advent of portable and affordable internet service, it makes little financial sense to build your own weather reception service. Additionally, governments are moving to more complex encoding and ground station configurations that put them out of the reach of space and budgets of hobbiests.

For those wishing to receive HF weather facsimile and digital transmissions, a number of free programs are available that utilize audio from your receiver directly into a PC sound port. Our recommended choice is:


The program is available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.

For those wishing to receive images directly from the remaining APT polar orbiting weather satellites, we recommend:


This Windows software has a capable "free" mode and also uses your PC's sound card for input.

Astronomical Shareware

Software Systems Consulting has developed a series of free astronomical imaging software programs to aid the serious amateur astronomers in CCD imaging, spectroscopy and in the creation of CCD time lapse animations. This software is available for direct downloading over the net.


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